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It’s Called the Customer Service Desk

It’s called the Customer Service Desk

I went into (Blank)-Mart this past week, and was reminded why I didn’t like shopping there. I had a return, and so my daughter and I waited while the woman in front of us was being served; and in time, it was our turn…
or so I thought.

We got our return and receipt out, and started to tell the person at the counter that ‘there was nothing wrong with the item, it just didn’t…’
(back-ground noise: ring, ring, ring)

This is the Customer Service Desk, so as she turned away from us mid-sentence, like there was a fire that needed to be extinguished, I’m thinking to myself,
“Oh no you’re not..’

But sadly, ‘Oh, yes she did.’

I’m not going to criticize the girl for answering the phone…perhaps it is a store policy to turn away from a live person who has gotten in their car and driven 30 miles to come in to speak to you face to face: But in my opinion, the customer service agent, at the customer service desk, blew it.

You see I worked in retail throughout high school and college.
I know that the customer is king. ‘And this king ain’t comin’ back’.

The bigger story here is what happens every day in my hometown and in yours. I went into Jhett’s Pizza that very night, to pick up our carryout pizza order. The people working there aren’t called customer service agents, but they ask me how my day is when I walk in, hold the door for me as I leave if my hands are full, and they will excuse themselves to take a phone order if I’m waiting on my pizza to finish cooking. I feel welcome there.

This is a successful small business like so many others, that doesn’t have to title a department or teach people how to be friendly and considerate…
they just are.

If you are a small business owner, tell us how you do it—ordinary, and unusual, ways that show your customers that you value them and their business.