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Millennial’s and the workforce

Well lets start of with the big number: 80 million young adults were born between 1976 and 2001, which is a big chunk if you ask me. Taking those numbers, that means that by 2014, 36% of the workforce will be of the millennial generation.

As with any generational gap, the millenial’s value system is a little bit different than generations before. They value jobs that allow friendships to foster and where people look up to the position with respect. 65% say that having the chance to personally develop themselves and their careers weighs heavy in selecting a job. The thought process is one of emotional structure and development. It means creating bonds and team development in the workplace.

They are good with technology.

They are mobile and agile.

They are often misunderstood.

Create value for them by providing meaningful work with a sense of accomplishment. Allow them to help your business grow by fostering their creativity, innovation, and what seems like boundless ambition. Most of all, collaborate with them, fold them into your team.

A huge weapon for business evolution is on the brink, learn how to use it. For more information, see this infographic here