Marketing Your Business for Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day is a holiday that rakes in over $18 billion a year. Small business owners may feel like this is a holiday for just florists and jewelers, but there are several ways that a small business can take advantage of Valentine’s Day and offer fun, unique promotions to draw in customers.

Do a Social Media Marketing Campaign

Use this opportunity to not only advertise a special deal (25% off, BOGO, etc), but to advertise your business as well. Social media is huge for advertising and promoting special deals can grab people’s attention.

Send a Text Promotion

You’d have trouble finding someone who doesn’t bring their phone with them everywhere they go. If you collect customer phone numbers for business, use this as a way to send a promotional text informing your customers of any special deals. Since Valentine’s Day is a holiday that focuses on couples, perhaps offer 2-for-1 deals to draw in more customers.

Consider Cause Marketing

Valentine’s Day is a holiday for love, so use this opportunity to share the love with a charity that’s close to your heart. Let customers know that a certain percentage of their purchase will go to ____ charity. You’ll be doing something good and it’ll help your customers feel good making the purchase.

Share Sweet Customer Stories

This isn’t promoting a special deal or product, but it will put your business on people’s minds (and hearts!) Ask customers to post a sweet, heartwarming story. It can about anything related to their spouse, grandparents, parents, or even a story they heard from a friend. Use this as an opportunity to get a conversation going and your customers engaged.

Mindy Lee
Advisor/Marketing Coordinator
Washburn University
America’s SBDC