So It’s Icy And You Work Retail, Now What?

I don’t know where you are sitting currently, but right now, I’m in the comfort of my own chair as the lovely ice rain slush junk comes down outside. However, I worked retail in high school, and similar to the hero in your favorite war movie, we never backed down. Rain, snow, sleet, or hail, we were there on the off chance that a customer would come through our door.

Now, the truth of the matter is that sometimes they did, but sometimes they didn’t. However, as I look back on it now as a seasoned business person, there is so much that can be done (as long as everyone can get to the store safely, which I cannot stress enough) even if customer foot traffic is slow.


This one seems pretty obvious. Take some time to do the dreaded bathroom clean. Maybe mop the floors. Clean in places you don’t normally clean. It’s a great opportunity to really make your space sparkle.

Refine Your Space

How does your customer interact with your store as they walk in? Big box stores spend tons of time and money on product placement, colors, music, and processes. Think through the customer experience and make changes. See if there are any measurable differences in the next few months.

Brainstorm New Marketing

Use this space to have conversations with your employees about what they are seeing and hearing from your customers. Talk with them about potential ways to reach new customers and give them the ability and freedom to be creative. Sometimes an outside perspective is very helpful.

Help Your Neighbors

This one is often overlooked but goes a long way in forming relationships and bonds with fellow business owners. Take the time to at least ask your neighbors if they have anything they may need help with. Maybe send an employee or two over to help in some cleaning efforts. You never know what type of partnership or synergy this might form.

Encourage Employees

Take this time to intentionally encourage your employees. A sincere thank you means more than you know. Maybe even buy them some pizza for lunch, get to know them a little better. An employee that knows they are appreciated will work harder for your organization.

Collin Billau
Marketing Consultant
Google Adwords and Analytics Certified