They’ve Got It All, Right?

I’m still full. I know that’s an odd way to open up a business blog, but stick with me here. During the Christmas season, our family travels to 37.6 destinations to eat, drink, be merry, and eat again. In the aftermath, I’m left to sit here and ponder if I’ll ever enjoy food again. I’m fulfilled, full, content. I don’t want anything to eat again…ever.

This leaves me thinking (oddly enough, I know), how do we market to a culture who is “full,” and when they aren’t “full,” have the ability to satiate their needs instantaneously?

1. To those who say, “I have everything I need, I don’t need your product or service!”

What are you really marketing?

People hear enough about products, companies, slogans, phrases, and guarantees. They need to know what these things are going to do for them and how these products/services are going to change their lives. Now, does your marketing message speak to your customer in that regard? Are you talking about them, or are you talking about you?

2. To those who say, “I need a product or service and I need it now!”

I can almost buy anything I want as I type this post. I can set up a ride out of town, get groceries delivered, schedule a plumber, rent a movie, and facetime a friend. If I really wanted, my life could be instantaneously delivered via this browser right now. How are you rising to meet this challenge as a business? What does your web presence look like? How do you differentiate yourself?

I’ll leave you with this. My grandma makes pecan pie from scratch and dominates anything you can purchase from the store. No matter how full I am, no matter how fulfilled I think I may be, I will make room for a slice of that pie if it becomes available. Make your business like that…channel your inner pecan pie.

Collin Billau
Marketing Consultant
Google Adwords Certified